Fly Away with SWAT Team Video Slots

Evoke the nostalgic look of the old-time three-reel slots with this three reel, single pay line slots game featuring generous jackpots and multiple winning combinations. Given the single pay line, your only choices as you begin your game will be the denomination each coin represents (from penny play to five dollars), and whether you will wager one or two coins on the single pay line. Contrary to the image evoked for many people by the title, this game doesn't revolve around a Special Forces assignment, but around the insect kingdom, and flies in particular. The bug themed symbols of the game include bullets (ranged in imitation of the BAR symbols on older slot machines), a fly swatter squirting green bug-guts, and the fly himself.

The SWAT Team Game Logo serves as the Wild symbol, substituting for any other symbol (except for the Scatter) in assisting you to line up a matching row for a jackpot, which can measure as much as one thousand six hundred coins for a full row of Wild Game Logos. The Wild logo also acts as a multiplier, doubling your payout on the pay line when one of them appears on the reels, and quadrupling the payout with two Wilds appearing at the end of a spin.

This casino game is extremely simple, given the lack of multiple crossing pay lines, the minimal set up of only three reels, and the single-or-double coin bet on the one pay line. The possible jackpots pay out as follows:

  • 1,600 coins for three SWAT Team Game Logo symbols (800 if you only bet one coin)
  • 160 (or 80) coins for a line-up of three Fly icons
  • 80 (or 40) coins for a trio of three-bar bullets
  • 50 (or 25) coins for two-bar bullets
  • 20 (or 10) for a trio of fly swatters
  • 20 (or 10) for single-bar bullets
  • You can try out this fly swatting game of your own at a number of top-online casinos. Our favorite and most recommended one is the Golden Riviera Casino.